Cooking not adapted only for the tourism, but cooked for every people by a team of professional cooks.
Traditional Vietnamese food and also, sandwiches, salads, home-made pastas, hamburger, French fries, cheese, desserts etc...
Drinks for eachone: expresso, tea, coke, mineral water, beers, house-wine by glass, etc... 
Nice, fresh, good and, normal price ! Now please, come and taste for your pleasure.

CHA CA - Well known Hanoi speciality. Style STOPCafe, a feast ! Try to it !  Sauted beef fillet with pineapple...succulent !  Full English in London, Sydney or New-York !  The STOP Salad...a garden freshness !  A real sandwich with dry saussage "Rosette" from Lyon (France) in a baguette The STOP Hamburger with French fries. Fat in the meat...0%  Cantonese rice  Green papaya and stems of lotus salad  Fresh springrolls with schrimps or not, as you prefer ! A nice lunch at share it is pleasant ! the horizontal !  Fresh fruits salad of isn't only nice , it is very good !  The flamed custard cream, hum, a delicious dessert ! Surprising in a Cafe and  however !  The "Dame Blanche" vanilla ice-cream topped with Belgian hot black chocolat...hum !  A sauce for eachone ! HP, marmite, vegemite... ...straight up ! but it is always delicious !and to finish...a delicious expresso still smoking !

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