some views of the STOPCafé...and you'll understand the...relaxing !

Front of the STOPCafé at the 1st floor of the Café des Arts. The terrace above    Another picture of the front of the STOPCafé near the Café des Arts  The front of the STOPCafé. The Café des Arts above it  the fronts of the STOPCafé with the Café des Arts of Hanoi  The team of the STOPCafé
Service and quality  View of the bar. Frig of the food to takeaway  Bar from the entrance  Wiew from the entrance, room 1  room 1 and room 2 the mezzanine   small...and wilde in the same time !  view on the ouside,  but air conditioned inside !  hep, Mademoiselle ! view from the mezzanine  and at the opposite...yes, sir ! view from the bar  
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